Levesque at Large

John Levesque

  • Welcome to my website. In case you're wondering, the last name is pronounced luh-VECK. Click on "About John" to discover even more fascinating details.
  • On this page you'll find quotes from gullible friends and colleagues who still haven't collected the dinners I promised.

"John is a consummate journalist, a first-rate intellect and a great writer. His insights are keen and persuasive across a variety of topics from business, politics and media to sports and the arts. And all of this comes with a community engagement, warmth and humor that make John a total pleasure to know.” 

-- Margaret Larson, communications strategist 


"If John were a baseball team, he could play all positions, assuming cloning ever catches on. I've spent two stints under his leadership -- in the '90s, when he was assistant features editor, and now, as he heads the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's arts and consumer coverage. I've read his lively TV and sports columns and watched from afar as he galvanized the P-I's business section. Is there anything this guy can't do? As writer and editor, he's bright and nimble with an incisive wit, a love of word play and a work ethic that would shame John Calvin. (Look it up -- or ask John, who is nothing if not unselfconsciously erudite.) John brings class to everything he does -- and that covers a lot of ground."

-- Cecelia Goodnow, reporter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"I have no comment."

-- Rick Neuheisel, head football coach, UCLA

"John Levesque is one of the best editors I've ever encountered. He knows his dangling participles and his writers' delicate egos. He's also a brilliant columnist, a snappy dresser and a truly nice person. I would follow that guy into hell, except of course he’s far too well-behaved to end up there."

-- Diane Mapes, author and columnist

"You'd think a professional writer could drop a line or two to his mother every now and then."

-- Margaret Levesque Maynard, parent


"During his time at the Seattle P-I, John filled four absolutely key and incredibly disparate roles: business editor, TV columnist, sports columnist and consumer/features team leader. It is all but unheard of for one journalist to fill such varied roles with such success at a metro newspaper. The specialized knowledge and talent needed in each of those jobs is rare enough on a one-per-person basis. ... John is an incisive, funny, thoughtful writer. ... I will always be grateful to John for his professionalism, energy, excellent judgment and willingness to take on new challenges."

-- David McCumber, managing editor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer